Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Waiting Game

So, it is currently the last week in March... there are only four months left to panic about starting law school! To start this whole process, I took the LSAT in September 2017 during my last semester of undergrad and then again in December. I improved my score, but both were average/slightly above average... no Harvard or Yale for me (hats off to Elle Woods). I swear by my LSAT study books, but I think trying to focus on the LSAT while still in school hurt me. If possible, I would definitely recommend taking the LSAT in June to have complete focus. 

A little more about undergrad... it was not my finest moment (or years). High school came easy to me and was full of honors and AP classes. Fast forward to college and even though it wasn't difficult, I had no idea what to study. It took several years for me to discover my love of law. I changed my major so many times that I was killing my GPA and ended up taking time off after three semesters.

About two years later, I re-enrolled as a political science major. I had finally found something that made me want to try and succeed! What I didn't factor in was how difficult it was going to be to bring my GPA up to a respectable number. Four semesters later and graduation was in sight!  I managed to bring my GPA up by .6 and although it isn't a "law school" GPA, I am proud of the progress I made after digging myself into a very deep hole. 

Why did I tell you all this? I think it is important to realize that not all successful law students have a 4.0 and a 170 something LSAT score. It is possible to get into law school without having a stellar undergrad record or 90th percentile LSAT score. Not going to a T14 law school does not mean you will be unprepared to pass the bar or have limited opportunities. With a little effort and dedication, law school is a realistic goal! Don't get discouraged!

I waited until I graduated in December to start applying. I don’t really have a dream law school (other than a couple I have ZERO chance of getting into), so I sent out several applications based on location, specializations, and tuition costs. Can I just say what a lifesaver a fee waiver is?! 

Here are my results in order of response:
1. Out of State School/Where Parents are Moving- Denied (that sucked as a first response)
2. Out of State Private School/Lower Preference- Accepted, 75% Tuition Scholarship
3. School in NY- Accepted, 50% Tuition Scholarship
4. Out of State School/Specialization Interest- Waitlisted
5. School in NY- Waitlisted
6. Waiting for Response
7. Waiting for Response
8. Waiting for Response
9. Waiting for Response

Now I am just playing the waiting game...
Hopefully I will hear back soon and the decision making will begin!

Hannah 💛

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